Man parking bicycle in a Locky Dock in Christchurch NZ
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Let’s change how we get around.

Locky Docks are helping revolutionise urban mobility. With free secure parking, charging and wayfinding, Locky Docks make it easier for more people to ride more often. Everyone wins with reduced congestion, reduced emissions and healthier streets. Ka pai!

Looking for a Locky Dock? Well, look no further.

Looking for a
Locky Dock?
Well look no further...


How to Locky Dock.
(It’s free!)

Woman on mobile looking for a Locky Dock using the App

Get the Bikeep app to find your nearest Locky Dock.


Hand closing the bar of a Locky Dock to lock bike

Carefully align your bike to the dock and lower the bar.


Mobile phone scanning the QR code on a Locky Dock

Scan the QR code on the dock. Lock the bar. Beeeep.


Hand plugging in a charger to Mercury power point in a Locky Dock

BYO charger to power up.
Plug in. Thanks Mercury.


Mother and child using a Locky Dock

Need help?

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