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Reduce congestion, reduce emissions and improve wellbeing.
Locky Docks are a free public amenity with no cost to ratepayers. We provide free public secure parking, charging and wayfinding for ebikes and push bikes. App-activated and integrated with your city’s transport card, this smart infrastructure provides security for bikers, data reports for councils and requires no investment from ratepayers. Genius.
Family parking their bicycles in a Locky Dock in Christchurch NZ
Man looking at Locky Dock bike map on one of their digital billboards

A Proven Model.

The world’s first Locky Dock network was rolled out in Ōtautahi Christchurch in 2020, a free public amenity provided at no cost to ratepayers.
Analysis our 10 first Locky Docks in Christchurch by consultancy Sense Partners (2021) has found they contributed to 250,000 fewer vehicle kilometres travelled, 58 tonnes of C02 abated and $1.7 – $2.3 million in physical benefits annually. As we continue to expand, the city is well on its way to becoming the Amsterdam of the Antipodes.
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“The wayfinding and secure storage Locky Docks provide makes them an excellent complement to improving cycling infrastructure. By making it safe, secure and normal to bike more regularly, we can accelerate climate action and enhance the wellbeing of our streets.”
— Sense Partners Economist, Shamubeel Eaqub

Electrify Your City.

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57 Sites

Our growing network closes the loop for existing city cycle infrastructure, giving people a safe place to park around town. Wayfinding on the screens promote the cycleways, helping bikers navigate their way stress-free.

350 Tons

The Locky Dock network helps reduce vehicle kilometres travelled by 1,000,000 km per year. This is the equivalent to 350 tonnes of carbon. That's a lot of trees.


Studies show that bike parking on average delivers $97 an hour to retailers compared to $27 for a carpark. With a 5-bike Locky Dock fitting in the space of a single carpark, it just makes sense.


Locky Dock bike parking unit

The world's most secure bike parking.
Perfect for public, private and commercial use. Includes charging options for eBikes.

Locky Docks.

Locky Dock scooter parking unit

Beat curbside clutter with these compact scooter docks for secure parking and charging. Great for offices, retail and apartments.

Scooter Docks.

Locky Dock bike box unit

The perfect solution for long term secure
bike storage. No need for physical keys,
app-activated and easy to deploy.

Locky Box.

Bikes parked in Locky Dock at AUT, Auckland, NZ

An Easy Install.

We manage the consenting, construction, installation and operation of Locky Docks all over Aotearoa. Once everything is signed off, they can be installed in a matter of hours and ready for bikers to use. You sit back and we do all the work.

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Mayor Lianne Dalziel and Mayor Campbell Barry with Big Street Bikers Co-founder and Manager Director, Cleve Cameron, LGNZ Conference 2022

Breakthrough Biking City of the Year.

Major cities around the world are solving the problem of carbon emissions and gridlock by helping people switch their short car trips to active transport. We created the award for the Breakthrough Biking City of the Year to acknowledge and celebrate the initiatives that are taking place in our cities. Ōtautahi Christchurch took home the award in 2021, Hutt City in 2022 and the mighty Pōneke Wellington in 2023.

Image: Mayor Lianne Dalziel and Mayor Campbell Barry with Big Street Bikers Co-founder and Manager Director, Cleve Cameron, LGNZ Conference 2022.

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