An Electric Revolution.

Locky Dock secure parking technology has been awarded the world’s best micromobility infrastructure (Rider’s Choice Awards 2023). Answer the increasing need for secure parking and charging at your residents’, patrons or customers’ destination. A Locky Dock is able to fit into one single carpark. This helps take the pressure off valuable real estate and can form a vital part of your sustainability programme (Green Star Rating).
Woman parking bicycle in Locky Dock at The Warehouse in Royal Oak, Auckland, NZ


Locky Dock bike parking unit

The world's most secure bike parking.
Perfect for public, private and commercial use. Includes charging options for eBikes.

Locky Docks.

Locky Dock scooter parking unit

Beat curbside clutter with these compact scooter docks for secure parking and charging. Great for offices, retail and apartments.

Scooter Docks.

Locky Dock bike box unit

The perfect solution for long term secure
bike storage. No need for physical keys,
app-activated and easy to deploy.

Locky Box.

Locky Dock at Royal Oak Warehouse

A Growing Network.

With over 57 sites across Aotearoa New Zealand, the Locky Dock network is expanding every day. Help prepare your people, communities and properties for an exciting electric future.
“Cycle theft is a major deterrent to active travel: around 1 in 3 people stop cycling altogether following a theft. Secure cycle parking therefore helps us to keep more people cycling more often for short trips into local centres, helping to support local businesses.”
— Adrian Lord, Head of Cycling, Auckland Transport

Attract Customers.

Locky Docks provide the convenience your customers crave. Studies show that bike parking on average delivers $97/hr to retailers compared to $27 for a carpark. With a 5-bike Locky Dock fitting in a single car park, it just makes sense. Not only that, we’re creating a space that people are going to come back to.
Cars in carpark with an empty space between which illustrates how 5 bikes can go in one single carpark
Man riding bicycle along Wellington waterfront

Reduce Emissions.

Transportation is the second leading contributor to emissions in Aotearoa New Zealand, largely due to driving cars. To make our cities healthier and more liveable, we need to revolutionise urban transportation toward a shared, electric, and carbon-free future.
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Bikes parked in Locky Dock at AUT, Auckland, NZ

An Easy Install.

We manage the consenting, construction, installation and operation of Locky Docks all over Aotearoa. Once everything is signed off, they can be installed in a matter of hours and ready for bikers to use. You sit back and we do all the work.

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